Solar Plexus syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Solar Plexus syndrome:- Very, very important/modern disease is prevalent in the recent period among young people and women of middle age. Treatment of solar plexus syndrome (POMsoy) with complementary medicine. Solar plexus syndrome is one of the common nervous disorders that traditional medicine stands powerless in front of, and some doctors confuse it with irritable bowel syndrome because it has some intersecting symptoms such as gas, bloating, and deteriorating nervous state.

And this situation is spreading in the Arab world under several names, where it is called in Morocco “Bomzoi” or “the confused race,” and in Algeria, they call it “The Race Al Khattab”, and in the Gulf, it is known as “Shala Al Surra” and in Palestine, it is called “Al Malaa” or “Mafra”.

It is a confusion that affects the neural network located under the diaphragm, and this network or plexus is the one that feeds all the organs that are located under the diaphragm, so all or some of these organs are subject to confusion and dysfunction.

Definition of Disease in Folk Medicine

Navel dislocation is the displacement of the umbilical cord from its specified location, which results in an imbalance of the nerves in the abdominal cavity from the inside from the side of the navel, which leads to the entry of coldness into these nerves, causing their movement and stopping their work.


  • Shortness of breath due to intestinal pressure on the diaphragm.
  • Esophageal relaxation and frequent reflux.
  • Rapid heart rate during the slightest effort, such as walking or climbing stairs.
  • Excess nervousness and a sense of tension.
  • The weakness of the ear and eye nerve.
  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea.
  • Lack of appetite to eat.
  • Pain in the abdominal area.

The Reasons 

  • Extreme panic and fear as a result of a situation.
  • Drink very cold water on a completely empty stomach.
  • Carrying heavy objects.

Folk Remedies

  • A towel is wrapped in a circular shape and placed under the navel, and the patient lies on it.
  • Hands are amputated forcefully by a specialist, and the patient is lying or standing.
  • Moving a sweat under the armpit by an expert, then the umbilical cord returns to its place.
  • Massage with olive oil on the navel area.
  • Massage with a towel wrapped in the shape of a rope and warm on the navel area.

Reflux Therapy

  • Massage the solar plexus area on the soles of the palm and foot.

Cupping Therapy

  • Dry cupping with a large cup on the navel for a minute and the operation is repeated five times.
  • Medium dry cupping for five minutes with four cups around the navel.
  • Hijama slid around the navel with chamomile or olive oil.
  • Blood cupping on the original sites in the back, on the sites of the affected organs such as the stomach, colon, and small intestine, on the fifth lumbar vertebra, and on the head, to improve the nervous and psychological state.
  • In addition to expressive and anatomical sites on the mouth of the stomach and abdomen.

Herbal Treatment 

 A teaspoon soaked drink after eating three to five times a day.


A teaspoon on a cup of boiled water to cover for a quarter of an hour, then filter and drink three times a day after eating. Or drink two tablespoons of distilled water in a cup of water twice a day after eating.


Ginger powder is mixed with honey and a drop of it is placed on the navel from evening until morning, covering it with a medicinal patch.

A recipe for treating bloating and gas, opening the appetite, and improving the nervous state

  • 50 grams each of cardamom (aqua) and lavender.
  • 25 grams of rosemary, chamomile, melissa, thyme, spherical, peppermint, star anise.


Equal amounts of Henna, Sidr leaves, ginger, cloves, black seed, natural salt. Grind and mix well, and knead with a cup of rose water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and put it on a low heat until it warms a little, then place it on the navel in an oval shape and cover with clean gauze and medical tape from evening until morning.

An Old Palestinian Squash

Wheat flour is kneaded with green mint and olive oil and placed over the navel in the same way from evening until morning, then removed and painted its place with oil in warm olive.





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