Best Story About Shahida’s Life And Love – How They Are The Same

Shahida was a beautiful girl of sixteen or seventeen years. She belonged to a middle-class family. Her father was a clerk in the railways. And the circumstances were telling him that he would retire as a clerk. It used to happen in men who have given up aesthetic beauty in the mill of circumstances. And do everything mechanically – anger and irritability become part of their personality – the presence of such people with them. She keeps the occupants in a state of mental anguish all the time.

She covers herself with such a shell of harshness and bad temper that people are reluctant to talk to her in any way. Shahida’s father must have been harsh. But he was interested in domestic affairs. He used to put what he earned in his wife’s hands. He loved his wife and daughter very much but he did not express it. When Shahida said that after matriculation. If he would continue his education, he would have taken a loan from the office and got admitted to the college.

Shahida’s mother was also busy with her work and did not get along with her husband like other wives. This was also because she did not like to talk more than him and kept busy with her work. The reason for this inappropriate behavior was the conditions in his office – where there were no signs of promotion due to overstaffing – years had passed and there were still no signs of his promotion – expenses were rising and salaries were rising. She was there. Because of her father’s behavior, Shahida was also hesitant to talk to him and if he was at home, she would put a scarf on her head and quietly go about her work.

Shahida Was Very Much Aware of Her Poverty

Shahida was very much aware of her poverty and inferiority complex. If her friends and the women of the neighborhood had admired her good looks, she would have wished that her father had money. Living in this poverty-stricken environment. Despite the fact that she wanted to get an education – there was a reason for that – she saw other girls working in offices and various institutions, she could see their tights, she could be seen walking around wearing high heel sandals.

And If Output had spoken English, she would have had the desire to be the same – she did not show it to anyone, but the fact was that she was suffering from a sense of inferiority – her poverty, her environment, and the craving for the little things didn’t feel good at all – he had saved money out of pocket and even bought a mobile – this mobile was very small, there were no functions – talk to someone by dialing a number or then listen to the FM radio – it was booty for him – She even gave his number to some of his close friends.

She also had a childhood friend in the neighborhood and her name was Farkhunda. They both grew up playing sports together. Farkhunda did not have a father and her mother worked in a yarn factory and raised her. She was later hired as a teacher in a children’s school – a few months ago her mother suddenly fell ill and died and now she is all alone in this world – despite their busy schedules They used to meet each other – even today they went to the market to do some Eid shopping.

Call From Unknown Number

When she returned home after shopping, her mother took out her food. She had not even finished eating when a call came from a stranger’s number on her mobile. She wondered whether to attend or not. After eating, she lay down on the bed to rest for a while. After a while, the call came from the same number again. This time, she looked around and pressed the OK button. I said, “Witness, please don’t hang up without listening to me.” She quickly hung up.

Her heart was pounding. She was so frightened that she turned off the phone. Wale’s accent was echoing in her mind – she was wondering who was the one who even knew her name – she had never talked to a boy, neither in her family nor in others. – Then how did this boy get his number? He did not have the answers to these questions.

How long would she keep the phone off – she turned on her mobile to talk to a friend at night, then she had just finished talking when the call came again from the same number – she thought to answer the call but She didn’t have the courage – she missed many of her friends – she also had friends with boys secretly from her family and everyone was very happy with these friends – it occurred to Shahida that all those girls were bold – this idea She also decided to become bold. she also thought about which one he would eat on the phone. she should know who Hazrat is and how much he is in the water and what he wants.

Until She Decided to Answered the Call

She answered the call – the next series started and in two or three days he found out that his name is Nasir and he had seen Shahida in a market – Shahida could not think of that Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. He is also the son of a wealthy father. He thought he would marry her.

The desire for marriage was not a bad thing – Shahida did not mind, but she spoke to herself of great wisdom – “Marriage is not a game of dolls – I have seen which of you to marry? “. It was too late for him to say, the next day he arrived at his college – his phone rang shortly before his vacation – “I’m sitting in a black car in front of the college gate and praying that you like it.” Come on. If you don’t like it, then I have no choice but to commit suicide. I’m telling the truth. Tell me, I swear. “

Shahida came to the senate – she is so important that one might even be ready to commit suicide for her – a classmate of hers approached, she hung up the phone to say more. After the holiday she came out of the gate – she was seen sitting in the car in front – he recognized her – she smiled at him and opened the car door and came out – she was stunned to see him – she was a very clean tall.

He was a smart boy – his hair was scattered on his forehead, his loose tie was dangling around his neck and the suit on his body looked very precious – he was looking at him with a smile – his heart was pounding. She hurriedly got on the college bus and sat down on her seat. She looked around with sly eyes, no girl was attracted to her, most of them were attracted to her mobile phones. – He looked out the window, he was still standing there.

Nasir liked him very much – his manner of speaking was very charming – he spoke so softly and affectionately that he wanted him to keep talking and he kept listening – he used the mobile phones of many of his girlfriends. I had seen the pictures, but in beauty, she was not even a tenth of Nasir. Even when she reached home, she was lost in Nasir’s thoughts.

She saw her form in the mirror, she felt that she was no less than anyone. Surely he was impressed by her good looks.  His modern style of expensive clothes and the magnificent car was telling him that he was the son of a rich father. He knew that rich people who have a heartfelt desire for wives should be as beautiful and smart as a movie actress so that other men can be intimidated at parties, etc.

Until She Falls in Love With Nasir

she falls in love with NasirDue to her stupidity and lack of understanding, Shahida was trapped in the trap of Nasir’s beauty and her empire – now she was always waiting for Nasir’s phone call – one day Nasir assured her that he would Don’t worry, he belongs to a poor family. He also assured her that he would soon send his family to his house for a relationship. Shahida was very happy to hear this.

Hiding, he asked with artificial concern, “What would happen to my studies if the marriage happened so soon?” On hearing this, Nasir laughed and said, “Then you should teach your children.” Shahida was ashamed to hear him say this. Nasir said again, “Surely you must have been ashamed to hear this. I wish I could see you ashamed.” – Look, don’t forbid me – I have a useless smartphone.

If I ever find it, accept it from me – I will also put a new SIM in it so that you can use it carelessly in solitude – My day goes by somehow but I miss you a lot at night – send me some of your pictures too, I will be happy to see them until the wedding is over – and yes after the wedding. I will not go to work for at least a month so that I can see you all the time. All I can say is that it is only a matter of a few days. Then we will get married. “

This is the next day. Wajahat’s father took his wife and threatened to come to his house. He was a childhood friend of Shahida’s father. It was a coincidence that years ago, the two friends got married a few days apart. Back and forth – According to the custom of the time, the two friends had decided that if one had a boy and the other had a girl, they would strengthen their friendship by marrying them. He had a son in the first year of marriage.

But Shahida was born five or six years later. By the way, the two friends used to take time out of their busy lives to meet each other after two months, but this time with his wife. The purpose of the visit was to fulfill what had happened years earlier – the friend’s son’s name was Wajahat and he was employed by a government agency.

Shahida’s father was not only happy with the relationship but also very happy. Besides, it was said that the two friends had made a vow about it and it was time to fulfill that vow. He did not feel the need to consult anyone in the house and told his decision to his wife – “Shahida’s marriage will be with my friend’s son Wajahat” – the mother was a simple Eastern woman and afraid of her husband. She bowed her head at his decision and informed Shaista of her father’s decision.

Upon hearing this news, Shaista felt as if the Hour had come. She protested to her mother with tears in her eyes. She used the excuse of her incomplete studies but her mother raised her hand. I can’t talk. He’ll follow me. If you have any objections, go and talk to him. Just remember that whatever parents do is best for their children. “

Where was the courage in her to talk to her father, she was heartbroken – one day her mother and father went to Wajahat’s house to see her – Wajahat both liked it very much and so the last nail in the coffin. Fell down. You are making me angry,” said Nasir. “I want Baji to meet you once and then we will work out the next course of action.”

“Sorry Nasir – I can’t do this – I’m not allowed to go anywhere other than go to college,” he said helplessly. After listening to him, the other side hung up the phone. After that, Nasir did not call himself. He tried to contact him several times, but each time he was told that he had stopped him. Get ready to meet – Shahida was a simple and timid kind of girl, she did not agree to that.

Less than two weeks had passed, her marriage was very simple – even after the marriage Nasir could not get out of her heart – he also regretted that Nasir did not cooperate with her for the marriage at all. If the mother had gone to Dubai to visit her sister, she could have sent her baji to their house.

Shahida Marriage Was Fixed With Wajahat

 marriage was fixed with WajahatDays went by and now three months had passed since her marriage – despite the passage of so long there was no room for justification in her heart – she neither talked to him nor looked at him. If he had gone to work, he would have felt a sense of satisfaction. If he had come home from work, he would have felt helpless. Wajahat was surprised by his behavior, but he had not answered any questions in this regard. –

She did not hate Wajahat, but she did not love him either. Wajahat also knew what kind of clay she was made of. She did not complain about her carelessness and neglect. She married Shahida to her father. He loved his father very much because he lived with him like a friend. For the happiness of his father, he used to show at home that he was very happy with this marriage.

Undoubtedly, Shahida was united in beauty and beauty – tall, fair complexion, big eyes, proper mouth, if she smiled, she looked very cute, if she laughed, there were no pits in her cheeks, which made her laugh even more. Looked good – Wajahat was very happy to marry him – He was a shy boy so he could not meet any girl before marriage – On the one hand, his wife was beautiful and Chande Aftab Chande Mahtab.

The second father’s choice – Wajahat was very satisfied. But on the night of the wedding, Wajahat realized that his wife was lost. He was reassured, thinking that this would be due to the distance from the family. – As the week went on, the snow still did not melt – it seemed as if Shahida was not interested in anything in the world – Wajahat also noted that she did not address him – if he talked She would have answered otherwise she would have remained silent. Her attitude towards her mother was of course different. If she had sat next to her, she would have started talking to herself. However, both mother and father liked her daughter-in-law.

Wajahat did not even say a word to her mother about Shahida’s inappropriate behavior Wajahat did not want to turn the joys of home into worries by saying anything negative about Shahida. He didn’t even know the tricks of the world to make assumptions about Shahida’s behavior – once or twice he became annoyed and wanted to ask her why she lived so far away but because of possible malice. He remained silent.

In spite of all this, she liked him very much – once or twice she expressed what she liked, but in response, she only saw the lines are drawn on the bedsheet with her bowed head and one finger. See – Shahida’s behavior broke her courage and she also took the path of silence –

Because of Shahida’s behavior, he tried to spend most of his time in his office – he would sleep late on holidays and wake up and go to his friends. He was known as the only husband in the world. Which gives so much time to friends even in the early days of marriage, otherwise others disappear from the scene these days.

When Shahida went to her mother’s house, Wajahat would feel a strange kind of uneasiness. Shahida would look very happy when she went to her mother’s house. And this happiness would disappear when her father-in-law came back. Stay in front of his eyes – whether he talks or not, if he appears, he will show up – his departure would cause an unspeakable languor in his heart. He did not know what to do – sometimes he would get upset.

Today Wajahat came to leave Shahida at her mother’s house. Her mother met her son-in-law with great warmth and said many prayers. At that time Shahida made tea for him and brought it. He drank tea and left quietly. – She didn’t even come to the door to leave him.

When the reason was gone, like every mother, Shahida’s mother also tried to guess whether the daughter was happy with her father-in-law or not – by the way, whenever her mother went to visit her father-in-law, she felt that her mother-in-law’s attitude towards Shahida is fine – although she was surprised that she did not mention the reason at all – this caused a wave of concern in her mother’s heart, but she thinks that when she has a child, she will change and become closer to her husband. Perhaps because of the new environment. Whenever Shahida came home, her mother was very happy. She sat and talked with him for a while even today. Then she started preparing lunch.

Nasir’s Real Face Came Out

Shahida turned on the TV and sat down. Breaking news was circulating. Suddenly she was dumbfounded. Nasir was being shown on TV. He was handcuffed. Fear and terror were evident on his face. The four were standing in the same position, including a girl who had covered her face with a sheet – members of the cybercrime team were sitting on chairs nearby and a deputy director at the press conference. Was telling the details of why these people were caught.

Shahida’s heart was pounding and her ears were ringing. She got up quickly and slammed the door and sat on the bed again and turned to the TV. She was watching Nasir. The face was annoyed and the wind was blowing on it – the deputy director was saying that these people of this group, by various tricks, used to trap teenage girls in their traps and first make friends with them, then by tricking them into making their own.

He used to call his girlfriend to his flat and make obscene films of her and later blackmailed her by threatening to promote these films. Nasir was a handsome young man. She used to lie down because she used to impress him with her smooth talk and convince him that he would marry her soon. In this society, a large number of devilish people like Nasir have been born. Finding helpless and greedy girls to live a good life, they find them and throw them in the mirror and destroy them.

There are also categories of people involved in such activities. He befriends many girls at the same time just to appease them and intimidate his friends. Others are beasts like Nasir and unscrupulous people. They make them their livelihood – they not only make money by selling their objectionable films in foreign countries but they also draw money from these girls by threatening them – if the girls don’t pay they will threaten them. He would post all the evidence on social media.

For this, he rented a flat, and the girls were brought in the same flat. Nasir used to tell the affected girls that the flat belonged to his elder sister. Stupid girls would believe him. He would invite them into the house, saying that his sister wanted to meet his future wife so that he could decide. If the girl was suitable for his brother. Even if not – the girl is not his sister. But the partner of those involved in this disgusting fog – the girls who were blackmailed by the girls, he said. He used to get the numbers by force. Then Nasir would become a decent and polite young man and contact him and in a few days, he would become more victimized.

The deputy director of cybercrime

The deputy director of cybercrime also said that the operation to nab the culprits were carried out on the complaint of a girl named Farkhunda. She was deeply disturbed by the blackmail of these people. She was teaching children in a school. From where he used to get fifteen thousand rupees a month – out of these fifteen thousand rupees he had to pay five thousand rupees every month to Nasir – that girl was alone in the world. Some time ago her mother had passed away. They wanted to send her to a foreign country for their nefarious purposes. She was fed up with the situation and then she made a very good decision and dared to seek help from the law.

The raid was carried out and several modern cameras, four laptops, several hard disks, and other objectionable items were recovered from there. Some sedatives were also found there which they used to put in the girls’ drinks. These drugs affected their nerves and took away their ability to think. And understand – hundreds of immoral pictures and movies of girls on laptops.

Shahida was listening to all this on her own. When the camera came on the girl named Rakhshanda on TV. Despite the fact that she was hiding her face from the niqab. Shahida recognized him through her eyes. That was her childhood. Her friend was Farkhunda. She realized that Nasir must have seen her with Rakhshanda and threatened her and took her mobile number. Shahida felt dizzy. She narrowly escaped falling into the pit of humiliation and disgrace.

Shahida Thanked GOD and His Parents

Now he liked his stern father and his mother who bowed his head at his father’s command. It also occurred to him that whatever parents do for their children, they do well. By following them, children have a lifetime of protection and are given all kinds of support. And help in any bad time. There are wolf-like human beings in the world step by step who are fulfilling their desires and desires.

Therefore, they inflict pain on other innocent human beings and often do not refrain from such heinous acts as murder to cover up their guilt. How can tragedies arise in their words? Good lives are hell. Become a model of – the honors of families are reduced to dust. And this is only because of their own advantage, the greed to live a good life in inappropriate ways. And in the guise of a wolf in the guise of people, Ignorant girls fall into their trap.

Now Farkhunda’s statement was being aired on TV. She had exposed the crimes of Nasir and his friends in great detail – in the end. She also admitted that as a result of Nasir’s threats. Farkhunda also had given her a friend’s mobile number. Which he was very sorry about but he was happy that she was not caught in this devil’s trap.

Shahida picked up the remote with trembling hands, turned off the TV, and fell on the bed. She was thankful that she had survived a great catastrophe and disgrace. She began to think that there was only one world for girls. Parents, siblings, and husbands are the ones who protect them. Everyone else knows how to take out their own interests mercilessly. All girls should put the honor of their parents, siblings, and husbands first because it is all theirs. There are protectors. Only when the honor of all of them is given priority can one be protected from these human-like wolves and devils

Shahida called Wajahat

When he got the number before he could say anything, Wajahat’s surprised voice came in his ears – “Shahida – how are you – how did you call?” When he tried to speak, a voice stuck in his throat. He cleared his throat and said, “He will come and take me after the holiday. I don’t feel well. I miss you, my mother, and my father, very much.” His voice was full as he said this.

On the other hand, there was silence for a few moments, then a loud voice of Wajahat was heard in his ear – “Go to hell – I’m coming now.” “Okay – I’m ready -” Shahida said, holding back her tears with a charming laugh and hung up.

Putting her luggage in the bag, she was wondering how enviable the lives of girls who take care of the honor of their parents and husbands are – they spend time in their parents’ house with great respect and dignity before marriage and In the house of her husband till her death after marriage – girls who do not value these guardians of their honor, devils like Nasir and brutal people are lying in ambush step by step.

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