Another successful test of Shaheen-III carried out

Shaheen III (Shaheen III) which was upgraded and tested yesterday is a sign of fear for India. Pakistan’s state-of-the-art medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) has a range of 2,750 km / 1,700 miles and can destroy its target at a speed of 22,226 km per hour (18 times faster than sound).

This range and speed mean that in case of war with India, the Shaheen 3 ballistic missile will be able to hit Delhi in just three minutes. And the Indian Army will have no break. In addition, the Shaheen 3 missile will be able to destroy India’s most remote military bases located in the Nicobar. And the Andaman Islands in just 15 minutes.

This is the third missile in the “Shaheen Ballistic Missile” series, which is characterized by the use of solid fuel. It can be equipped with several warheads at the same time, both conventional and non-conventional (nuclear). While their total weight can be up to 1000 kg.

The Shaheen III ballistic missile was jointly developed by Pakistani engineers. And scientists affiliated with Nescom and SPARCO, while the Pakistan Army conducted its first test on March 9, 2015, which was a success. Immediately after this, the production of the Shaheen III ballistic missile was also started.

It is a surface-to-surface (surface-to-surface) ballistic missile that can be aimed at a target with a moving launcher. Its solid-fueled rocket burns in more than two stages. And during flight, it reaches very close to space at an altitude of more than 50,000 meters.

It should be noted that the missile development program in India is in full swing due to which the balance of power in the region has deteriorated drastically. Defense experts say that in order to restore this balance. And maintain peace in the region. It is important that Pakistan also has weapons that can respond effectively in the event of an attack by India. The Shaheen III ballistic missile is also part of Pakistan’s efforts to retaliate against the enemy by making the defense of the country invincible.






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