Secularism and Religion

Secularism and religion is a purely established expression. Secularism literally means the world in Latin. In the Middle Ages, Roman broad priests were alienated into two groups. One was and a servant who cared in the monasteries according to the rules of the church, the other was also a servant who lived like an ordinary citizen. I wandered around the terms that were the last applied and “secular” priest.

All non-church institutions were also called secular. Today, secularism refers to the separation of state politics or administration from religion or church, and secular education is a system for separating theology from education. Secularism is discussed in more detail in the Encyclopedia Americana, which states that “secularism is a moral system based on a system of natural morality and independent of divine religion or metaphysics.”

The first is the liberty of thought. That is, everybody has the correct to think for themselves. The second criterion is the right to disagree on all mental matters. And at this point, the right to discuss all the basics, such as the immortality of God or the soul. Secularism does not claim to possess virtues other than the virtues of today. However, the aim is to create material conditions in which human deprivation and poverty become impossible.

According to the English-Urdu dictionary by Dr. Maulvi Abdul Haq, secularism refers to a social and educational system that is based on science rather than religion and does not allow religion to interfere in state affairs. Secular ideas with the old, masculine terms of secularism remained the foundation in 1840 and a microcosm called George Jack Holy Oak. In 1851 he founded an association in London, the Central Secular Society.

Holly Oak’s attitude was:

  •  The real guide to a man is science.
  •  Morality is an uncertain reality and separates it from religion.
  •  The only criterion and test of knowledge and understanding is intelligence.
  •  everybody must have the liberty of consideration and expression.
  • We must try to make this world a dry place

Was it secularism?

To form an honest judgment of secularism and religion, a distinction must be made between two things: one is secular philosophy and the other is secular politics. There is an obvious difference between the two. He who does not understand this difference is worldly. I can tell you my right opinion. The secular philosophical origin was a product of the minds of atheists, but later separated from philosophy and became the practical politics of secularism, the democratic system that practical politics meant.

The old days were and the time of religious oppression. In modern times, religious freedom has been declared an inalienable right of the people. Secular politics is, in fact, part of people’s religious freedom. Religious groups were reluctant to liberate – they were subjected to religious persecution – on the contrary, in a modern democracy, and secular politics were adopted, you must keep common material matters within the competence of the state. And give people complete freedom in religion and culture.

Every society has a bridge to an atmosphere of peace

Without peace, there can be no development – Secularism and religion as a practical policy is the only way to create peace – in the same way, that today’s developed countries have saved themselves from the old style. Religious wars and thus the principle of the secular state have been taken from If to the United States and the United Kingdom, it does not mean religious opposition but not religious interference, so all religious groups in these countries are perfect. There is freedom. What is forbidden in these countries, who can and does not continue to practice religion?

The reason why people have a negative attitude towards secularism is that they do not differentiate between things, they see both secular philosophy and secular politics as a whole, albeit forming the right opinion on this subject. It is necessary to look at them separately.

People with a negative mindset about secularism have a misconception: a limited non-secular policy that deals only with general material problems sees it as synonymous with religious opposition, even though secular government means the same thing today. An anti-religious is not a government, it just means that governments are committed not to interfere in religious affairs; everything branched out what is liberalism?

People with a negative mindset about secularism

People with a negative mindset about secularism have a misconception: a limited non-secular policy that deals only with general material problems sees it as synonymous with religious opposition, even though secular government means the same thing today. An anti-religion is not a government, it just means that governments have a duty not to interfere in religious affairs; all branched out What is liberalism?

The word “liberal” is derived from the ancient Roman word “Liber” or “Labor” or as a synonym for the same word “liberal”. Which means “physically free person.” It is a person who is not a slave to anyone. This meaning lasted until the 18th century when every free man was called a liberal. In the 18th century, there was a change in the meaning of the “spiritual” free man, the liberal, a man who disrespects the limitations of religion and claims freedom of thought.

Liberalism has two principles: freedom and equality.

Freedom means not only physical but also mental freedom. Therefore, liberals can express their opinions on any ideology, religion, or philosophy. However, as an expert on equality, he consciously takes into account all the people in the world and respects his views on the principle of equality. In his book, the famous Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega Y Gasset described the mass rebellion of liberalism in the following words:

The ultimate limitation of selflessness and liberalism is called liberalism. Liberalism is a demonstration of a duty to live with our weak enemies. “According to American writer Robert Frost, a liberal is a far-reaching man who takes his opponent’s abuse lightly because his mind is pleased, he doesn’t stop, and he’s just going to make arguments in battles.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is essential that liberals have the following:

Generous, generous, tolerant, tolerant, generous, impartial, liberal, non-conservative.Liberalism arose from the war between the monarchy and the pope. For example, war, battle, confrontation, and change were their inherent characteristics. Liberalism, which changed everything, could never eliminate these qualities. Even today, the reports of liberal governments are full of these features. Liberalism has affected humanity and society as a whole as a hallmark of change. It would be unfair not to acknowledge that liberalism led to the dark times of Europe. And in its own time wrote a new chapter on prosperity and enlightenment.

When we talk about liberal libero oppression, it means that if a powerful country comes to the country and does an operation or oppression, you go to the country and it helps and gets the oppressed country from there. We also call the Liberal horror, which means that Liberals talk about freedom but never fight for it in practice. Liberals see cooperation as a way to prevent chaos.

The main purpose of liberalism is to create peace in the world. In World War I, when countries fought to save their economies, liberals fought to stop these wars. Liberals talk about sovereignty and call the international system a constant that is constantly changing. Liberals demand what to use when needed, such as putting security first when you need it. If you need help, you must first work with the help. Liberalism developed a system of collective defense in the form of NATO to reduce the use of force. The Liberals found the United Nations and other organizations to bring peace to the earth. Liberals hate violence. They say that if a country asks for freedom, give it to them. If you don’t give him freedom, he will resort to violence.

Liberalism comes to us in two ways.

  • Classical liberalism
  • Neoliberalism

Classical liberalism:

This means that everyone has the right to develop their economy, that is, the freedom to buy and sell in the market. If the government participates in this freedom, it will lead to economic instability. According to Adam Smith, the founder of classical economics, the independent economic system of the capitalist system is considered a fundamental process of the regulation of human economic activity.

Herbert Spencer presented the ideas of social Darwinism and said that the fundamental right of every human being is to concentrate wealth and wealth according to his instincts according to his free economic principles and to help others and think selfishly. Absence is not in the common interest. 

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