Personality grooming:- The art of looking smart

Personality grooming:- Just as it is the birthright of a woman to be beautiful, so it is the birthright of men to clean and arrange their clothes properly. Either at house or in the workplace, girls also like so many men of this world. Labor is work, job, or business, let’s focus on the things that are completely neglected. These are the little things that can be adopted to significantly increase personality building and personal grooming.

Get a haircut once a week

If you have a beard, then the letter is also very important. Get rid of the random thick hair threading on your cheeks. With age, due to hormonal problems, thick and even thick hairs start appearing on the earlobes. Get them out of the thread too, otherwise, the impression of personality becomes bad.

In the eyebrows

One or two hairs become long, they should also be made equal with scissors. Mustaches are trimmed, nose hair should also be trimmed with small scissors. Also complete the Sunnah by trimming the nails of the hands and feet on Fridays, cut the dead skin (heels and dead skin) around the heels and nails of the feet with a cutter, this process also increases the personal impression along with health and hygiene.

It is usually observed that men take a bath in a maximum of two to five minutes. Sir, add a little more to it. While shampooing the hair, sponge, or fingers behind the ears and ear slots in the crotch and design are good. Turn it around, there is often dirt left in these layers which looks very ugly.

Sitting on a chair for a long time makes you feel dizzy. Lift your stomach, sponge the soap there, and pour water on it. The navel pit needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, it starts smelling bad and causes many skin diseases.

Immediately after bathing, clean both the earholes with a cotton bud and put a drop of mustard or olive oil in the navel. It protects against many diseases. Apply the same oil on the soles of the feet and the nails of the toes. There is no problem and there is no fault of a dream.

9 Wear outdoor shoes always polished and clean, Begum only washes the slippers at home. And never walk in the style of a tired donkey by dragging your feet and loosening your legs. A woman in any relationship does not tolerate this style of father, brother, or husband. Extend your bedtime at home.

Don’t go out wearing half pants and shots

Many women are light and religion has of course kept you free from the restriction of dupatta but it has also restricted you a bit. Stop wearing the paint up to the hip bone. I think it will fall off now. There ought to be a great edge of paint below the navel.

Always wear matching shoes, socks, ties, etc. As these are not necessarily luxury items and are not meant to be hung like straps. But are accessories to evoke personality. If you smoke, smoke cigars, pipes, or aqua, make your own (comfort zone) special style in it, don’t sleep like the ignorant, (although smoking is harmful to health).

Personality grooming when you go to the office or working place, spray a light perfume of a good brand and try to give your brand a sign of your arrival or recognition. We used to make our father and brothers present somewhere with their fragrance. Consider your accent, don’t you talk by shaking or hanging up? If so, try to control the tone.

The dignity of a masculine personality can be multiplied many times by the seriousness of the tone of voice. Overcome quietness while eating and avoid taking ignorant belching after eating, belching can also be taken from civilization.

Avoid harassing women and you will get nothing but contempt from it and avoid talking too much and nonsense. There are many kinds of illusions. Just think, look in the mirror and see where the shortcomings are.





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