Organic Pigments – an overview

Organic pigments:- There are hundreds of pigments are available in the market. Many poor-quality pigments are available in the market. Nowadays, there are very few good-quality pigments in the market. Today I will take you to crack the common sense of pigments, starting from 100 yuan How to choose a pigment that costs thousands of dollars?

The Principle of Coloring Skin

The skin of the human body is translucent, and the colorant can show color through the skin. The pigment that penetrates the skin is in the form of small particles with a diameter of less than micrometers, and is quickly surrounded by collagen, and merges with many pigment particles to form larger particles, which remain between the basal layer and the nipple layer. Because the particles are too large to be swallowed by macrophages, they form a visible color on the skin that can last for several years or longer.

Organic Pigments

Organic Pigments

The colorant is dilute, has no substance precipitation, and can be dissolved in water. Its own stability is poor. The colorant is easily swallowed by macrophages and then excreted by the lymph glands. It is also highly irritating and prone to rejection.

Inorganic Materials

The inorganic raw material with pigment particles has strong stability, is insoluble in water, is not easy to decolor, and has few side effects and no color change. It still appears powder after getting into the skin and is not easily swallowed by macrophages.

Paste Color

The energetic ingredients of the paste color are stronger than the fluid color, the shade is fast, the color is steady, and the water of the paste shade is complete of glycerin, which is not unstable easy to store, and appropriate for any skin.

Paste pigments are characterized by relatively large particles, strong hiding power, insoluble in water, relatively stable, and maintain a long time after getting into the skin, and because of their strong viscosity, they are suitable for manual operation.

Liquid Pigments

It is easy to volatilize, not easy to store, and the result is far a smaller amount than that of paste pigments. The chroma will be comparatively poor and it is hard for the skin to absorb.

Liquid color pigments have the advantages of strong penetrating power and fast color penetration. But the viscosity is weak, easy to faint, and the color stability is poor.

Liquid pigments are characterized by relatively small particles, poor hiding power, dissolving in water, relatively unstable, and relatively short maintenance time after getting into the skin. Because the liquid pigments dissolve in water, they will be colored quickly when the lips are tattooed. The color after the scab is also uniform.


It is also called semi-paste pigment. Take a drop of the pigment on the back of the hand and rub it back and forth with a small area of ​​the belly of your finger. It feels that the color cream is more delicate, smooth, and compliant.

Paste pigments, liquid pigments, and creamy pigments have their own advantages. Which one to decide depends on your own technology, behavior, and methods.

 Symptoms of poorly used Organic Pigments

  • Organic PigmentsIt doesn’t feel good to color during operation, caused by large pigment particles.
  • After a period of time, the color will remain red and the red color will not fade for a long time.
  • After one year, a pinhole-like mottled phenomenon appears, caused by uneven pigment particles.
  • The color that has not faded after five or six years will not fade in the future. The color is impure and there are too many non-metabolizable substances.

So please choose the color materials carefully, the color materials will affect the quality of your work, don’t choose blindly. It’s better to learn how to distinguish yourself!


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