The Risks of Not Breastfeeding for Mothers and Infants

My purpose in writing today is not to describe the benefits of breast milk, but to show that Not breastfeeding is rapidly disappearing. Babies who have been breastfed for two years are now rare. What is the reason that today’s educated, young and modern mothers do not have equal breastfeeding? Why is every other child pulling on the box or formula country?

I have been afraid since the time we read stories that there was a time when mothers used to breastfeed their children. It is impossible for formula-fed babies to have the same immunity as breastfed babies. If the Qur’an commands breastfeeding for two years, then there is some wisdom.

The first six mothers should give only breast milk to their children, this is what doctors around the world say. I will state the reasons according to my experience. I guess many mothers will be offended and may not even read this whole article.

But I openly challenge everyone to look for babies around you or in your family who are breastfed. First of all, it is difficult to find you and even if you do find them, you will understand that the formula The number of children in the country is very high.

Lack of guidance

The first and foremost reason is not proper awareness, guidance, and awareness. We have a severe shortage of counseling. No matter how many mothers I asked why they didn’t breastfeed, there was a lack of awareness among mothers before. Lacking guidance, she panics and feeds the baby.

According to research, 98% of mothers can breastfeed, only 2% have a natural problem. Most mothers say there is no milk, there is less milk, the baby does not drink milk. Breastfeeding is a multi-million dollar industry. There is a solution to every problem to be found.

Mother’s milk is a blessing of God which is produced according to the needs of the child. The more water is produced. Science has proven this. Often mothers say we have not been guided properly. I don’t understand if we want to know something and it is not possible nowadays.

Unfortunately, before the birth of a child, most of the focus is on shopping, especially for the baby’s extravagant clothes, you must fulfill your hobbies but at the same time educate yourself. Read about breastfeeding on the internet, watch videos on YouTube about the right way, how much to feed, and so on.

Try to learn the experience of other mothers

We use cell phones so much every day for some reason why not. You will find a solution to your problem. If you still can’t find it, go to an experienced Lactation Consultant. If you are not in the city, go to a bigger city. We can go to the big cities for shopping, why not for the lifelong health of our child?

Oh my god, I want to breastfeed my baby for two years. Make your order easy for me. If we combine our every action with the pleasure of God, then there are only ease in life, everything can be achieved through prayers. I don’t think anything can be impossible if we are sincerely at the end of our endeavor.

Wrong advice

One of the main reasons for the declining trend of breastfeeding is the wrong advice. Unfortunately, most experienced mothers give formula or open milk advice to the new mother in the feeder, especially at night it is common to hear, canned at night Give milk, the baby will sleep comfortably all night, nothing happens with one feeder, everyone gives, you also give.

If the mother’s milk is recovering, the baby is still drinking. Even if it is a year or so before we do it for six months. If canned milk is given the night before, I think it is wrong for the baby Is equivalent to giving. Breastfed baby does not bother overnight, just wakes up to sleep and falls asleep

Only for a while, you have to wake up at night and breastfeed for a few moments. I am saying again only for a few moments. Most mothers say that the baby is not used to other milk or feeders, I have examples where babies start drinking slowly after starting open milk year after year. Many mothers here will not agree.

If I accept the difference of opinion

If I accept the difference of opinion, I will only say that you should give the second milk, but please continue with the mother’s milk, do not deprive the child of this blessing completely. Most breastfed babies are not as fat as they look. Don’t give the baby another milk because it is weak. Canned milk only makes the baby fat by filling it with air.

There are black sheep in every department. Not only women but also doctors prescribe formulas for the minor problems of the mother and do not guide the mother properly. But at the same time, there are doctors who give advice on mother feeds till the end. I myself have seen a doctor throwing food from the feeder mother into the dustbin.

Get your own knowledge and decide for yourself whose advice to follow and who not Breastfeeding. I am a mother myself but I am still saying that there are mothers who do not want to breastfeed themselves. She is weaning herself. For some reason, she puts canned milk without breastfeeding. Such mothers are just looking for some excuse to put the baby on the feeder somehow. One can only pray for such mothers. O, God! Instead of running away from their duties, let them do their best.

Husband’s attitude

Research has shown that breast milk depends on the mother’s mental state. It is as easy for mothers as it is for them to be happy. A woman’s happiness after marriage depends on her husband. Therefore, husbands should take care of their wives and help them so that they can breastfeed easily.

Mother’s food

Breastfeeding mothers should take care of their diet. God has made it easy for a breastfeeding mother to fast, so mothers should take care of their own food, often mothers themselves do not eat properly and later say that milk does not come, that is all I will say. No one else can take care of himself as well.

Working Women

Mothers who work often plan beforehand that formula is feeding. You are not the only mother who works with the baby. There is also a solution to where the world has gone. Breast milk can be pumped into the feeder. This can be confirmed by any doctor. A sincere doctor will never mislead you. If you still do not want to breastfeed, at least when you come back from work, do not breastfeed completely.

If you can’t breastfeed your baby, find out the cause and the solution before the next baby. And if you search, you will find anything. Have to try. That is all I will say in the end. The mother has the greatest right over her children.

It can’t be taken away by the truth or anyone else. If a mother doesn’t want to breastfeed, we can do nothing but explain it to her. God has given her the truth. These children have not only come to us to wear beautiful and precious clothes, take pictures and post statuses. We are responsible not only for the training but also for the health of a generation.

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