Muhammad, Ali Sadpara:-Search Continues for Climbers Missing on Pakistan’s ‘Savage Mountain’

About Muhammad, Ali Sadpara:-It is said that life was endangered in vain. Let’s just mention one aspect of this “waste”. At least two foreigners are taking part in the campaign, one of whom has reportedly lost his life and the other is missing. To climb K2 and other peaks like Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, etc. You have to get a permit from the government of Pakistan, which costs millions. This fee comes in the form of foreign remittances to the treasury of this poor country.

However, This foreign remittance has oxygen status for your country. Such climbers have tens of millions of followers on social media. When such campaigns are under progress, Pakistan discs are in the media all over the world. A positive perception in the world. How many people are influenced by them and turn to Pakistan, which in turn increases tourism and national income?

What a Positive Image of Pakistan

What a positive image of Pakistan because of this step of heroes like Sadpara. How much did that man give to this country by risking his life? How many people will come to see these peaks in the future? May God protect Muhammad Ali Sadpara. As a nation, we are indebted to them.

So that, Gentlemen, the economy is very modern now. It has gone far beyond selling bread, cloth, spices. Brand perception is very important in today’s world. The world brands its heroes. Only one Sachin Tendulkar’s career has changed cricket in India. Filled the Indians with confidence. It is difficult to calculate how much national income India generated on the back of cricket.

Has any Indian complained about the benefits of Tendulkar’s centuries? Tendulkar did not risk his life, Muhammad Ali Sadpara did. We don’t even know how they are. By the way, this nation is not producing heroes. Everyone is engaged in their busy routine life. Learn to value your heroes.

One more thing. Appreciate human curiosity. Try to create a society where a man loses his curiosity for a purpose or an apparent purpose. Invest your time behind it. The Wright brothers built the first ship with their flying dreams and curiosity and were killed in an attempt to fulfill their passion.

However, Appreciate those who dream, nurture curiosity and abandon the routine life set for their fulfillment and go on unknown paths. Pakistan desperately needs such “heads”.

This love of the Mountains

Muhammad Ali SadparaWhat passes over the hearts, the hearts know. Alone at a height of eight hundred meters, waiting all night for his companions, the companion among whom was his dearest friend, his own father, how could that night have passed in the embrace of snow, this is the one who has passed away. The desolation of the roads, the disappearance of the voices in the silence, the spread of the shroud of whiteness, how will Sajid Sadpara be able to reconcile with those twenty-four hours? The return of the calves may have been an ointment, but now the hopes are fading.

Those who love mountains have to be encouraged like mountains, but what are the principles of this love? When it becomes two-way, it does not leave anyone else. The love between K2 and Muhammad Ali Sadpara has also become two attitudes, this is perhaps the destiny of immortal stories. What the conscience understands, what the pen writes, the hands are outstretched, the lips are silent, the place is the destination, only the knower knows.

Probably the Biggest Adventure of His Life

Probably the biggest adventure of his life is one wheeling on a bike, most of his tour is Naran Kagan ride on a coaster and the biggest achievement is to create a Facebook account. Objecting to In a few days, these people will start saying why foreign tourists do not come to Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Jan Sunori, and Pablo. If you are still with us then this is the greatest honor for all of us whereas if you are not with us then it is also our honor that leaders like you have made our way of life in the past. Today, because of your sacrifice, we will further accelerate the journey of knowledge and research to further enhance human survival at high altitudes.

After Sacrificing Climbers Like You

We will now make the best tools for mountaineering. And surely the common man will benefit from them. Just like the first time that man has gone into space since he did “stupidity” to benefit, or the migration of some “crazy” people like you in the jungles of Africa to cold regions inhabited the whole world. 

Those who called it foolish to leave Africa are now living in the jungles of Africa. Those who called going to space stupid got the latest technology. People are called human because of people like you. Otherwise, all animals live in their homes or areas. Only human beings do adventures.


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