Watch:-Mohammad Rizwan scored his first Test century

Mohammad Rizwan finally scored his first century reached several times, lost his courage and his teammates. But today Faheem and Yasir and then Noman gave their full support. And thus in a very difficult situation on a difficult wicket. Mohammad Rizwan made his first Test century  Rizwan’s keeper has always been the best and the batsman was also good but when Mohammad Rizwan came he was Sarfraz’s day, Sarfraz was also scoring and performing well behind the wickets. Rizwan got a chance to play as a batsman in a Test in New Zealand. And then Sarfraz was in good form in the ODI series in Australia in those days, then Sarfraz returned – then Sarfraz became the captain. And thus Rizwan’s chances and Also limited.

Excellent Performance in T20

Pakistan was showing excellent performance in T20 but did not perform very well in the other two formats and then Sarfraz’s batting also started declining – Sarfraz started sending Faheem, Hassan, etc. before him in ODI and T20. And confidence began to wane – after the World Cup 2019, Sarfraz was removed from the captaincy, so the team lost its place and thus Rizwan got a chance – the first series was against Australia in Australia where Mohammad Rizwan played an excellent inning in difficult circumstances. Acknowledging his batting skills.

Tour of England

Then there was the tour of England where more commentators praised Rizwan than any other Pakistani player, a team that includes Babar and Shaheen. It seems a bit strange. But Rizwan’s performance in front and behind the wickets was something that was praised as much. There was little to be done – but Rizwan did not score a century and there were still some people who had to be persuaded.

Babar, who was made the captain on the tour of New Zealand, became unfit. And Rizwan got the leadership. Mohammad Rizwan once again Play very good innings in difficult conditions but could not save the matches and did not score a century. But the man from Pakistan must be creating a crisis – on the same tour in the first two matches of the T20 series after some failure Rizwan third T20, I played a smoky inning which added a lot to Rizwan’s fans.

Test Against South Africa

In the Karachi Test against South Africa, Rizwan once again batted well but his best performance was yet to come. In the first innings of the Pindi Test, Mohammad Rizwan felt a bit changed, it seemed very difficult for him to score and After a long time Rizwan failed to return – Pakistan team was in trouble in the second innings, Azhar, Babar, and Fawad had also failed after the openers and it seemed that maybe the dream of winning the series against South Africa was a thief. I Will go but Rizwan was still there.

Mohammad Rizwan led the innings with Faheem Ashraf. And then today with the best partnership first with Yasir Shah. And then with Noman Ali to take Pakistan’s score to a point where there is no danger of defeat. On a difficult pitch where the ball is spinning and staying low, Rizwan handles the innings, plays defensively. And delivers the ball outside the boundary where the opportunity arises.

This is Rizwan’s first century and hopefully, it will not be the last. And he will continue to play such and many better innings. After Rizwan’s return to Test cricket, his performance is better than all the wicket keepers except Punt. Watling, Playing with a better average than the best wicket-keeper batsmen like Butler, De Kick, and Dquilla is a testament to Rizwan’s abilities and in terms of capping, Rizwan is probably the best at the moment.

The journey of Failure of the Pakistani Openers was Further Extended. While the Duo of Abid Ali and Imran Butt Performed Disappointingly.

Despite having various experiences in the national Test team, the opening problems could not be solved. In the last two years, Pakistan has fielded 6 opening piers. Azhar Ali and then Imam-ul-Haq started the innings with Shaun Masood against Australia. Abid Ali and Shaun Masood were fed in the series from Sri Lanka in December.

The same pair remained in the series against Bangladesh in February last year, then England in August, and both openers against New Zealand in December, January completely failed. Abid Ali scored 14 runs and Imran Butt scored 21 runs in both innings.

In the Rawalpindi Test too, Abid Ali added 19 runs in both innings and Imran Butt added 15 runs. The poor performance of the Pakistani openers can be gauged from the fact that in the last 14 innings. The team could not get a single fifty partnership. Pakistan lost the first wicket before reaching the total score of 7.

The biggest opening partnership was 49 and the second 36, during which the openers provided. 2, 36, 6, 6, 6, 49, 28, 0, 4, 3, 5, 22, 21. And 0 stars respectively. Imran Butt’s career This is just the beginning but Abid Ali has scored just 248 runs in the last 14 innings at an average of 17.1, including only one fifty.

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