7 KeyApps Marketing Strategies to Increase App Downloads

Mobile app development:-Mobile application is software or computer program installed and run on mobile devices. Such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. The rapid growth of app became a crucial factor for business development. Hence, mobile app development services have created thousands of mobile applications for better user experience and business growth. But to reach the audience, you require skills and strategy to expand app downloads for business progress; it is where app marketing strategy comes.

Mobile app marketing is a strategy to create marketing campaigns for an application to aim the target audience to increase revenue for the business. It provides continuous engagement of the user throughout the process with your app.

  • Help users discovering your app.
  • Downloading
  • Help user in completing the onboard process
  • Offer user to keep engaged in future

App marketing strategy provides different incentives to users for app visibility and driving traffic towards the app in the app store.

Difference Between Mobile App Marketing and Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing refers to all kinds of marketing activities and campaigns happening on a mobile device. Such as brand marketing, affinity marketing advertisement, etc.

Whereas mobile app marketing refers to campaigns that provide awareness and communication with the users downloading to purchase a particular app.

Mobile app marketing is far better than the traditional sales funnel. It provides better awareness and consideration of an app to the target audience to enhance better customer relationships and conversion rate for business progress.

How Good is Your Mobile App Marketing?

The success of mobile app marketing depends upon the team’s determination. But importantly the core metric is app downloads to drive revenue and appeal to customers. Keep your focus on:

  • App session length
  • Acquisition segmented by referral source
  • Number of app downloads in a month

Best Apps Marketing Strategies to Increase App Downloads:

Choosing a well-designed app icon:-The mobile app icon plays a crucial role in the success of an application. As it’s a visual representation of the mobile app and the brand that the audience notice first in the app store. So it needs to be an eye-catching and recognizable audience can connect. Moreover, a well-designed and appealing icon increases the app store optimization. The icon needs to stand out and represent the app’s function and brand to pursue the audience to download or purchase the app.

App Store Optimization:

As you may know, the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a technique to drive traffic towards the website to rank higher in the Google search results. Similarly, App Speed Optimization (ASO) is a method to increase the app’s visibility to enhance app download in the app store. To speedup ASO, remember few things.

  • The most important thing to drive traffic is using relevant keywords in the app’s title or description. Several tools can guide you about applicable search terms like Google’s AdWords keyword tool or Sensor Tower. 
  • There are many different categories available on the app store. While submitting your app choose your category wisely according to the function of an app.
  • To naturally improve the rate of downloads, positive reviews and feedback about the app are essential as they help your app rank higher and even draw more audience towards your app.
  • It’s important to know where the target audience is located, tailor your description. Provide translation of your description in other languages. Particularly for that region.
  • Engaging with users is a vital factor in making people download and use your app. As app ranking highly depends on the % of people downloading the app.
  • A billion people actively use social media platforms; getting social media hype is the most crucial strategy. Popularity on various social media can affect app downloads and rank positively.

Launch a Website or Blog:

mobile app development servicesAccording to the mobile app development service, it’s essential to launch a website and blog to increase customer reach for app download. Creating a well-constructed app is not enough for the customers.

The website is the first go-to thing a user uses to check and search about their problems and solutions. Even for shopping, entertainment, or any other activity. Without a website, you are at risk of losing a potential audience for your app.

Using an SEO-based website will be a plus point to expand your business and information about your app. Even you can implement a blog on your site to bring light on various subjects of the apps for better user experience and satisfaction.

Create a Demo Video:

Video is one of the leading practices that benefit organizations and brands in conveying messages more efficiently and building strong relationships with customers to enhance conversion and sales rates. According to mobile app development services, a high-quality video attracts 80% of the audience. As descriptions are not enough to explain to the audience about your app and its benefits. A demo video can be beneficial to showcase your app and expand its audience towards the app. Even you can use that video on various platforms to reach more audiences for your app.

Measure with Attribution Tools and Analytics:

Attribution tool helps you to understand the success of your marketing campaigns and channels. Whereas analytics tools are software that collects data from business systems to make reports and interpretations.

According to the mobile app development service. Using these tools and software creators can measure the marketing efforts and downloads to comprehend the effective modes in campaigns and change the adjustment of those not working appropriately.

Mobile attribution tool combines your app installation to a single ad type. And target platform to enhance the app marketing strategy.

Use Mobile Communication Channels:

You can connect with the target audience on mobile devices directly. With the mobile application, a business can increase customer engagement for the prosper of business; mobile application provides faster and easy access to required information. Using push notification and in-app notification can quickly provide information about the content, post, or data without causing any integral problems or errors. Using these tools will encourage them to share or recommend your app to a friend or give positive feedback to increase the app download rate.

Promote on Social Media Platform:

Social network sites allow individuals and companies to form communities and build strong relationships on the internet. Where the audience can interact with them directly. The internet’s ability to reach billions of audiences worldwide has given the online world a powerful impact. The social networking site has allowed sharing, reposting. And pinning comments of others about a product or a service of a business that reaches more people and gains more traffic for the company.

With billions of active users, it’s vital to showcase your app on social media. Still, you need to identify your respective audience. for example, your target audience is teenagers; you can promote your app on Instagram. But if your target audience is business professionals, you can consider Twitter or LinkedIn to promote your app.


For entertainment or completing a task, customers require several apps in day-to-day life; ensure your app reaches the target audience by using mobile app marketing strategies to increase app downloads.

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