How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank?

Clickbank or CB is a famous retail marketplace selling hundreds and thousands of digital as well as physical products. You can earn money with Clickbank by making an account with them and selling those products to your customers. If you already have a customer base you can target it by selling the items of the niche that  fits well. However, it is unlikely for anyone to have a massive following even without having a page on anything. If so, you can dig into the strategy on how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank.

Why Sell Click bank Products?

There are several reasons as to why you should sell clickbank products . Keep reading the article to know why.

Legitimate Business: 

You might have an idea about MLM schemes and several retail stores that offer commission if you choose to become their affiliate. However, sometimes there is no other way to validate the legitimacy of the business unless your friends or family members are already working with it. Clickbank , on the other hand, is a famous retail store that has been around for many years with a lot of affiliates. You will never be ditched or thrown out of the system until you violate their terms and conditions. So when you sign up for an account make sure to read the policies before you start selling their products.

Decent Commission:

You need to do some homework here on finding the products of the right category for your niche. Since you will be using Instagram and putting a lot of effort in promoting the content, you need to make sure that you will get something in the end. So, here your job in the start will be digging out the products that offer some good commission per sale.

Check the gravity, growth and in particular refund rate of the products. Do not go into those digital money making tools that people use just to be disappointed later on. And these tools see their way back to the vendors once they are sold. You put effort in promoting the items that will be returned and everything goes to waste.  

So if you are planning to sell Clickbank products on Instagram for making decent money. You need to filter out the products that have the potential demand in the marketplace.  The product could either be digital or physical. But it should have positive rating and low refund rate so you could earn commission without fearing that you will see huge refunds once the item is sold out.

Plethora of Products:

Another reason for you to choose Clickbank should be availability of thousands of creative products. You can explore the marketplace that you have interest in. Let’s say you like to sell guides and books on keto diet plan, you have several options in this category. Make sure to check the marketplace trends as well to see how many people are looking for a product or trying to find a solution for their certain issue. These days, women and men are more inclined towards following Keto diet to lose weight holistically without doing strenuous workout.

You can consider the same option and find an item that falls into the category you can promote and work. It is related to weight loss and the market is huge. Remember the times when people went insane about the Acai berry diet plan and Clickbank had a pile of guides to sell to the customers. Just find your product and make it a money making machine by using Instagram and other networks for promotion.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank?

First off you need to create a very interactive Instagram page. Sign up for a personal or business account on Instagram and start sharing some valuable content. Don’t rush into your money making scheme as it will fail before you start it. You need to do it strategically and take it slow until you build some trust with your followers. 

Creative Content:

You must build some following first. For that you should invest time in creating very useful videos and media content for your page. The content could be general in essence on your personal life or it could be niche oriented whatever you believe will help you to gain Instagram followers online

Hashtag Research:

Search Instagram interface by using hashtags and strings related to your niche. Watch out for other instagram users who are promoting the same products or different items of the same category. You need to keep an eye on them to analyse what else could work when it comes to promoting the content on Instagram.


Doing partnership with other people is always fruitful if they are promoting or selling somewhat the same items as you. Just make sure the item is different, the category can be the same. If you have chosen to sell a book on Keto diet plan. The person you are doing joint venture should sell something related to weight loss or keto but not primarily the same product because you don’t want to compete against them.

Instagram Ads:

Lastly, you can make the best of Instagram promotional ads. Create a landing page for the product that you wish to sell for making money. Never put your affiliate links on social networks as it is against Clickbank’s policy. You must have a website or landing page from where the customers can buy the products. Invest money in Instagram ad services to drive organic visitors to your landing page, it will help you make quick money on Instagram with Clickbank.

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