Know About Flor de Mayo Plants

The beautiful flower of May. ( Flor de Mayo):- Legend has it that an indigenous Mayan fell in love with the stars. Especially those that make up the constellation of the Southern Cross. If that native in love really existed, nothing matters. As the legend tells it and that is enough.

This man spent every night gazing at the night sky. Especially in the month of May. And you should know that although he was married to a beautiful girl. Nature had denied him offspring and that made him deeply saddened. For that reason, every day he begged the gods to grant him the happiness of having a daughter as beautiful as the stars that he admired so much.

And the gods heard his pleas. His wife finally became pregnant and in the month of May she gave birth to a beautiful girl. Which caused great astonishment because she did not have brown skin like that of her parents. But rather white, but pale. The father thought how that could have happened. And then he understood that the gods granted him the wish to have a daughter as white and beautiful as the stars of the Southern Cross. He told this secret to his wife. And they were both convinced that it was a miracle.

They gave the name Sac-Nicté (white flower) to the girl, who grew more beautiful every day. But also paler and sicker. Her complexion looked like wax, and every night she looked longingly at the skies. As if the stars were telling her something.

Best Healers in the Region Came to Her

When she reached puberty, she looked sadder and weaker, and her health worsened causing alarm from her parents. The best healers in the region came to her aid and all agreed in expressing her ignorance regarding the little girl’s illness. They commented that her potions and spells could not cope with that unknown evil, so they concluded that the gods had decided to take the little girl away.

It was thus that in the month of May. When the Southern Cross shines in its maximum splendor and spring adorns the fields. Little Sac-Nicté died. Her parents were extremely heartbroken. But the man dreamed that a mysterious voice told him to stop crying because her daughter no longer suffered. That it had been the will of the gods that she return to heaven. Where she belonged, since she was a star of the Southern Cross that took human form to fulfill the fervent wish of her father. And now she shone again in the sky, next to her sisters, her stars.

The whole town and her parents mourned the death of the girl. And made her a pompous burial in the humble cemetery of the place. And it is known that in the month of May of the following year. A tree was born on the girl’s grave that bears beautiful luminous flowers like the stars of the Southern Cross.

In this way, the sweet and mysterious aroma of a flower that was born in the May was known for the first time. Every year it blooms in the month of May. When the Southern Cross shines in the sky. That is why the tree and its flower are called Flor de Mayo.





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