8 Tips to Improve your Kidney Health

Kidney Health:-Kidneys, the important organs of the human body, play many key functions. Among many important functions performed by the kidneys, blood filtration and urine formation are the most important functions. From filtering the waste products to maintaining electrolyte balance, kidneys perform a variety of functions. Healthy kidneys are crucial for your overall health and the proper functioning of your body.

My father was a diabetic who suffered from recurrent kidney problems. We took him to the best kidney doctor in Peshawar who not only treated him for the time being but also ensured that he included healthy kidney habits into his lifestyle.

How to improve your kidney health?

Here are the tips that can keep your kidneys healthy, including:

1- Staying physically active:

Physical activity helps your kidneys to function optimally. From lowering down your risk of kidney diseases and regulating your blood pressure, there are countless benefits of physical activity on kidney health. If you are not habitual of physical activity, begin with very little such as walking, cycling or even any other form of physical activity that you find yourself capable of doing.

2- Controlling your blood sugar level:

No matter many kidney problems can come from your genetics you can’t do much about it. But several other things can be controlled to prevent the risk of kidney problems. Many people who are diabetic are often more susceptible to kidney damage thus controlling your sugar levels is very important. If you have a family history of diabetes or have reached middle age, make sure you include the sugar level check as a part of your routine medical checkup.

3- Blood pressure can make all the difference:

Just like your blood sugar level, your blood pressure can play a role while determining your kidney health. Increased blood pressure can increase your chances of kidney damage along with other factors such as diabetes etc. So, keeping your blood pressure under control is an effective way to prevent kidney problems.

4- A healthy diet might help you:

When we characterize foods, we can certainly call some foods kidney-friendly and others can be added in the category of kidney damaging foods. Make sure you rely on fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid high salt and sugar-containing foods from your diet. Moreover, a healthy diet can also help you to have a healthy body weight which eliminates the risk of kidney diseases due to being overweight.

5- Ensure the regular fluid intake:

Our kidney performs the major role of rev=moving wastes from our body in the form of urine. The level of hydration in our body is the major factor that determines how efficiently kidneys can get rid of the toxins from the body. The fluid intake can vary from person to person and depends upon many important factors including exercise, health, climate etc. If you want to secure your kidney health it is important to keep your hydration levels in check and make sure that you are consuming the right amount of fluid required for the proper working of your kidneys.

6- Look into your lifestyle habits:

Your lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption can play a major role in the functioning of your kidneys. Smoking, in particular, affects the flow of blood to the kidneys which can affect kidney function. Moreover, smoking is a risk factor when it comes to organ cancer. Therefore, to ensure the health of your kidneys, it is recommended to keep a check on your lifestyle habits.

7- Avoid OTC medications:

There are many over the counter medications available to treat mild treatments. Many people make themselves habitual of consuming these drugs that can affect kidney function. If taken regularly, these over the counter pills can be a cause of huge damage to your kidneys causing ultimate damage.

8- Ensure regular kidney checkups:

Many factors can increase your risk of kidney problems and having regular checkup is the only way to avoid such problems. Knowing your medical history and considering your risk factors can be another effective way to prevent kidney problems. And you should get your kidneys checked if.

  • You are suffering from a chronic illness.
  • You are obese.
  • Have a family history of kidney diseases.
  • Your stress levels are high.
  • And you are habitual of poor lifestyle practices.


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