Benefits and Risks of Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery :-We all know, health is a great wealth. A healthy person with a strong structure and bones is like a cherry on the cake top. If we look at old times when medical improvements were not that much grown. A person facing some joint pain problems, has to bear the pain for the entire life. This is because there were no advanced surgical procedures and innovative technology to ease those people suffering from joints, back, or hip pain.

Now, technology got much more advanced and doctors have invented various methods to heal, aid, or relieve joint or hip bone injuries and aches. Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is also one of those advanced surgeries which are now successfully taking place. People are now more conscious about their healthy lifestyle and strong body. So they are concentrating on their health conditions significantly and taking their health problems seriously. Joint pain can be really disturbing while performing daily activities especially knee joint and hip joint pain.

Joint replacement surgeryMany hospitals are having experienced and expert hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan who can seamlessly perform hip joint replacement surgery with great skills and expertise. Orthopedic doctors or surgeons who have certifications of joint or hip replacement surgeries specifically can perform replacement surgeries of the aching, fractured or broken joints. They enable you to do your daily activities actively. But everything has its pros and cons so joint replacement surgeries have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a detailed look at the risks and benefits of joint replacement surgeries.

Benefits: High Success Rate Surgery:

According to the survey of successful surgeries in the past 5 years. Joint replacement surgery procedures have high success rates. Thanks to the latest technology. Detailed academic research and real experience of specialized surgeons. The procedure or treatment of joint replacement surgery has improved a lot in the last 10-15 years.

This is the main reason why the success rate is high. Joint replacement surgeries are now counted as one of the most successful surgeries in the medical department. It can be an effective, very safe. And durable treatment to aid many of the problems from severe joint pain to arthritis.

Relieving Your Pain:

The greatest and main benefit is that the joint replacement procedure offers pain relief for the next several years of your life or even lifetime if well managed and maintained. People with severe arthritis or joint swelling and aches are the main beneficiary of this surgery. Joint replacement surgery can provide dramatic pain relief and your joint pains completely go off after the surgery is done and stitches are healed.

Improved Mobility and Movement:

Joint replacement surgery

After the replacement surgery is done. It not only gives relief from the chronic pains but also improves your lifestyle and increases mobility in your life. You get enable to do exercise, walk, play and move around easily after the joint replacement surgery. This is another big reason and major benefit of joint replacement surgery that you get back to normal life and starts enjoying it. The improved joint movement function significantly helps in performing daily activities like going up the stairs, sitting on the floor, offering prayer, putting on socks, getting up from a chair very easily.

Long-Lasting Effect:

Replacement surgery is a long-lasting treatment one chooses to treat their problems that are linked with old age, joint pain, and arthritis. Evidence and researches show that 80 to 85% of joint replacement surgeries are still working perfectly fine after 20 years from when they were inserted. This benefits you in terms of ongoing treatment and gives you a one-time treatment opportunity to treat your joints instead of treating them again and again for the whole life. Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is common now and every big city like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad had expert doctors specialized in joint or hip replacement surgery in Pakistan.

Risks: An Artificial Joint Cannot Compare to the Natural One:

As we all know the human body is a complex structure and there is no alternative to a natural human body part. Although science has evolved a lot and has succeeded in replicating the real system. Somehow, It has some limitations.  Our natural joints are flexible enough and can bear the load of extreme stretch or compression of the joint. But artificial joints cannot let you do that such extreme positions like high or long jumps, sitting on your feet while bending the knee joints. This is because of the risk of disjointing or displacement.

Chance of Disability:

Joint replacement surgery

Change of disability is the major risk in joint replacement surgery. The disability may be caused due to other health conditions in which the artificial joint does not fit in or get healed.  Like diabetic patients surgeries or wounds do not heal quickly. Similarly, if your all bones are weak they may not get adjust with the artificial joint. And cause permanent disability because the original joint was removed with the surgery. Other problems include that it might not feel as good as you expect rather if you feel it’s weak or stiff. Specifically the knee joint when we move it.

Other Dangers:

Joint replacement surgeries carry some other dangers like the chance of infections or blood clotting in the joint. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure. Or diabetes which are not well maintained makes you much vulnerable to these dangers. If you are having a joint replacement surgery. Also, the new joint can get loosen over time with continuous usage and you may have to replace it again.


Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is now very well managed and improved due to the learning and experience over time. Doctors with greater skills and experience may reduce the risk levels and increase the chances of rehabilitation. Just go for a renowned doctor who has done many surgeries before. This way you can get the most benefit out of it. Similarly, hip replacement surgery in Pakistan is now getting common.

Our sports players or athletes may have issues in their hip joints that may need partial or full replacement. However, this surgery is usually common in old age people who have weak bones which arouse problems in hip joints while performing day-to-day activities. There are many good hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan that can be easily contacted when needed.


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