Pakistan’s 35-year previous cricket record that no one could beat them

Everyone is aware of the importance of test cricket. Imran Nazir Cricket started with test cricket. England and Australia have another test series called Ashes, where both teams risk their lives. There is a set of rivalry between the two teams. Similarly, the fight between Pakistan and India is also quite exciting. But unfortunately, there is no series between Pakistan and India now.

There was fierce competition between Gavaskar and the Alan Border series between India and Australia, India failed to reach Australia, Australia did not lose a test match in the Gabba for 31 years but India lost a test match in the Gabba. Breaking Australian record Similarly, Pakistan also has a strong record in cricket testing. No Pakistani team could win at Karachi Stadium.

For 35 years, no team has beaten a Pakistani cricket team in Karachi. Pakistan has beaten the best teams in the world at Karachi Stadium in 34 years. From 1955 to 2000, Pakistan did not allow any major team to win at the world record Karachi National Stadium. The series against South Africa also starts from Karachi. And Pakistan is also expected to beat South Africa

Use Rs. 57 lakhs in 6 months PCB President

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ehsan Mani spent 57 lakh in rupees in six months. According to a report from PCB, Rs is issued by the PCB chair. Costs have risen. Costs for Rs. 837,607 were made from July to December 2020. Expenditure on Rs. 335,731 increased in terms of unemployment benefits and accommodation.

From July 2019 to June 2020, Ehsan Mani had spent Rs. 5 lakh 1,876. The PCB chair also gave Rs. 940,430 in household allowances and housing. Thug Ehsan Mani Rs. 529,331 for the distribution of vehicles, Rs. 161,869 in mobile utilities and bills and Rs. 349,440 on gardaí and employees. According to the report, Ehsan Mani’s costs are lower than those of former President Shahriar Khan and Najam Sethi. PCB President did not spend Rs 13 million of the allotted allocation.

Other than me and Shahid Afridi, there is only one strong striker who needs chances in team life. Imran Nazir. Other than me and Shahid Afridi, there is only one strong striker who needs chances in team life.

Imran Nazir represented Pakistan, all burned out of power. And Imran Nazir’s fighting style was brilliant. After Shahid Afridi, the eyes of the fans were on Imran Nazir, that Imran Nazir beats the game for Pakistan with his charming blow. Apart from being a striker, Imran Nazir was also a good player, they called him Gentile Roads of Pakistan.

According to the information, the famous striker from the Pakistani cracker Imran Nazir told the media recently and expressed his views and said that the Pakistani cricket team has so far failed Power Giving a hitter is me and Shahid.

To compete with Afridi, we need at least two strong strikers on the team. Imran Nazir said Sharjeel Khan has found a controlling striker behind me and Shahid Bhai who could be the first person in the fight for Pakistan.

We want to give Sharjeel Khan one more chance on the national team, Imran Nazir said Sharjeel Khan is a good emperor, the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and the Pakistan Cup are doing great, that should be included in the team ahead of Pakistan. He is a fast player, the beat is not so strong in the current team, he can move up fast and win the game for Pakistan. We should not waste talent like Sharjeel Khan.






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