Best Hair Removal Laser Devices You Can Safely Use at Home 2021

You need to shave at least once every two days. The hair that grows out is not only thick and hard, but it may also be turned back. You have to pluck every two weeks, and it hurts every time. Do you have to sign a package for a hair removal laser in a beauty salon? From hundreds to thousands.

Fortunately, I already have my own IPL painless permanent hair removal device. A small and lightweight one, where is the hair removal! It is suitable to get with you when you on a journey. Recommend! Of course, friends who have the habit of beeswax hair removal also suggest that they can continue to beeswax hair removal laser with IPL permanent hair removal device for better results!

How many times does the underarm hair removal need to be removed? how long does it take each time?

Hair removal laser is basically 3-5 times, and the interval is also determined by the speed of the growth cycle. If the cycle is long, the interval will definitely be longer. It is possible from 1 month to 3 months. The hair follicle structure and growth cycle are different for different parts and physiques. The hair follicles of the armpit hair grow faster, and it takes about 5 times to shed. For the places with slow hair follicles, such as lip hair, it takes at least 10 times.

Together With Permanent Hair Removal at Home

Speaking of hair removal, are you still doing short-term beeswax hair removal? Always worry about pain or hair regrowth?

Creamy Skin can make the melanocytes in the hair follicle absorb specific pulses wipe out the regenerative capacity of the hair follicle, so it can securely permanent hair removal laser!

  • Brazilian style and underarm hair removal can prevent the growth of bacteria and say bye-bye
  • Reduce the chance of private infection and inflammation, and improve the feeling of stuffiness and dampness during the menstrual period. The younger sister is no longer itchy, comfortable and dry
  • The skin is smooth and tender like a baby
  • Underarms and privacy no longer look dark and dirty, because the skin will become white and tender after the pigment is weakened
  • The permanent effect, you can throw away the razor and depilatory cream

Matters Needing Attention Before and After Laser Beauty

Matters Needing AttentionCannot use vitamin A. Because topical products containing vitamin A make the skin easily dry, and eventually become sensitive to laser beauty, resulting in a prolonged recovery period after treatment.

Pay Attention to Diet

Try not to eat irritating foods (such as peppers, green onions, and garlic) within three days of hair removal laser. It is superior to contain a light diet. You are able to eat further foods that hold Vitamin C. In addition, you need to take sunscreen 15 days in advance, otherwise, the chance of melanin precipitation will be greatly increased.

 Also, Very Important Information Must be Used and Preserved.

  • Do not eliminate hair from the origin, i.e. do not drag out. This means that wax, sugaring, an epilator, tweezers, and thread are prohibited.
  • Before the process, you want to cut off the hairs, about 10-24 hours earlier than the process.
  • Do not sunbathe for 2 weeks before your hair removal laser appointment. Not in the sun, not in a solarium.
  • On the day of the session, do not apply aromatic oils to the skin areas to be epilated.
  • If you plan to do laser facial hair removal, do not do intense makeup on that day.
  • The day before the procedure, do not scrub the skin, use massage brushes and washcloths.
  • It is suggested to get a bath earlier than the process. 

Hair Removal Techniques

Hair Removal TechniquesEven though there are various hair r.emoval techniques, it can be learned from experience that some methods are better than others.

Epilator clips, lasers, hair removal creams, waxing, and razors can all eliminate unwanted hair, but the results may be lower than expected.

If You are Finding Anything Dissimilar

It might be the hair deletion technique you have been looking for. The epilator device is designed to remove the hair directly from the roots.

Benefits of Using the Epilator 

  • Help the skin become smoother
  • Pull out the hair from the roots without leaving black spots on the skin follicles
  • As time goes by, body hair gradually decreases
  • Use the plucker to remove the hair, the hair will become softer and thinner
  • The speed of hair growth will gradually slow down (it will grow out slowly in 2-3 weeks)
  • The frequency of hair removal will also decrease (2-3 times a month)

808 Hair Removal Laser Comparison Chart

This effect is too obvious. The long-term wrong hair removal method makes the hair under the armpits become thicker and thicker, the hair growth speed is very rapid, the problem of internal hair growth and even the melanin deposits make the underarms very dark. It’s time to say goodbye to the razor/puller/hair removal cream. 808 laser hair removal can solve all the above problems

  • Hair volume reduction up to 99%
  •  Thinning, slow growth
  • It has a whitening effect
  • The process is completely painless


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