The First Batch of Corona Vaccine Has Reached In Pakistan

The first batch of vaccines from China to protect against the coronavirus has reached Pakistan and has been shifted to the Central Storage Center in Islamabad. The vaccination process will begin next week. A special Pakistan Air Force plane arrived in Pakistan on Monday carrying a consignment of 500,000 doses of the corona vaccine gifted to Pakistan by China

The vaccine was received by Pakistan’s Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health Dr. Faisal Sultan at Noor Khan Air Base in Islamabad. In his message on Twitter, Dr. Faisal Sultan said that Pakistan has received a consignment of the Chinese ‘Sino Farm’ vaccine for which he is grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said the vaccine would be administered to medical personnel first.

Dr. Faisal Sultan further said that under the World Health Organization’s program ‘Kovex’, Pakistan will receive 6 to 7 million doses of ‘Astrazenica’ vaccine during the first quarter of this year. Dr. Faisal Sultan says that the arrival of the Coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan is an important step while more than one vaccine will be used in Pakistan to prevent this deadly epidemic

In an exclusive interview with VOA, Dr. Faisal Sultan said that the vaccine is just beginning to arrive in Pakistan and as promised, the vaccine will be administered to health care workers first. Dr. Faisal Sultan said, “We have the registration of all health care workers in the system. They have been registered. They include staff working in Corona Wards, Corona Units, and Rapid Response Teams.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said the vaccine would be given to people over the age of 65 after the medical staff. He said most members of the medical staff would be vaccinated with the vaccine donated by China, while the vaccine received under the “co-vaccine” would be given to people over the age of 65 and other citizens.

He said that the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) would be used to compile and register the data of persons above 65 years of age. According to Dr. Faisal Sultan, the government of Pakistan has allocated 15  million dollars for the purchase of vaccines.

Foreign Minister addresses Corona Vaccine Delivery Ceremony

I am very happy to say that today China has once again proved its ideal friendship Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Our bilateral relations with China are about to complete seven decades. We will enjoy ourselves in a perfect way. I would like to make a longer particular appreciation to the Chinese management, particularly to the Chinese leader and Foreign Minister Wang Jie.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping announces that he would utilize the vaccine for “worldwide welfare” after it was urbanized. I am happy to be familiar with that he was the first to decide Pakistan for this use. I will be grateful to the Chinese doctors for visit Pakistan for the duration of the corona epidemic and for guide us.

Our connection and friendship with China are everlasting. We hold up each other it is a symbol of our endless companionship. Corona vaccine in Pakistan. However, Pakistan and China have effectively experienced a vaccine jointly, the first consequences of which are very hopeful. This is excellent reports for us and for the Pakistani nation. I thank the government and people of China on behalf of the government and the people of Pakistan.

Aqarul Hassan’s question to the government about the corona vaccine

So that, I have some questions in my mind regarding the vaccine coming from China. I would be grateful if any government official or expert could answer.

  • The name of the vaccine?
  • Which company made the vaccine?
  • What is the efficiency of the vaccine?
  • Which Chinese and International Health Organization has approved this vaccine?
  • How many people were vaccinated in China itself and what were the results?
  • What are the surface possessions of this vaccine?



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