14 August – Pakistan Independence Day

On 14 August 1947, Pakistan became an independent state. Emerged as a world map. Freedom from the double slavery of British and Hindus. In order to get it, the Muslims of India prayed to Allah, remembering. Make this freedom our elders sacrificed their lives and property and thousands more. The angel had obtained the biography … Read more

23 March 1940, Pakistan Resolution Day

23 March 1940, is a day of great significance for the Muslims of the world in general and for the Muslims of India in particular. On this day, the Indian Muslims, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, pledged to form a new Islamic state. And set out on a complicated and bitter path. Since the caravan leader … Read more

Kashmir Solidarity Day in Pakistan [2021]

Kashmir Solidarity Day:-How will the national independence of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is possible ??? On the short answer to a short question of Dr. Khurshid Sahib, on the order of Mr. Pervez Alvi, on the order to write the main idea in. In summary, Raqam is requesting that Although the unnatural and … Read more