Questions and answers about blood donation

Question: What is the most real College Fantasy month of blood donation?

Answer: It is not the blood of blood, but the blood of others. This was a very bad attachment.

Question: On what other day is there blood that can be shed?

Answer: In light of a day of blood donation, we have the knowledge, and in 56 days, his blood clot and his new blood passed in the veins.

Question: Do we have the old blood from this new knowledge?

Answer: New corporate blood is different from old blood.

Question: What is important when donating blood?

Answer: The most real energy with real blood is an h. The other great thing is the best knowledge of all that is sinú, and that is what we have. The name of the donor remains the name and vice versa. Only of the item, it has is unbound circulation.

Question: When is the law true, whose blood is true?

Answer: Access to personal policy 17

Blood is a law because it is an image that we can when blood is safe after donating blood. His employees can further, around this original source code text need another relocation detail, get off a response, Side panels.

Question: What percentage of people in Pakistan and Kashmir donate blood?

Answer: Only one in Pakistan and Kashmir. Two percent of people donate blood regularly. Some people donate blood when they need it most.

Question: How long is the life of blood?

Answer: The life of blood is 120 days. That is, in one hundred and twenty days, our blood cells die, pass out of the urinary tract and come into being.

Question: Then why are we afraid to donate blood?

Answer: We breathe in such a society. Taking it where it is spread that giving blood weakens a person and blood does not form again. So our patients were suffering from anemia on the bed. Give up the cause

Benefits of donating bloodBenefits of donating blood

  1. Every second in the world a human being needs blood, it is a great virtue to help save lives by donating blood.
  2. Regular blood donors. The risk of heart attack and cancer is reduced by 95%.
  3. The iron balance that protects the spleen, heart, and liver from damage is maintained.
  4. New blood is fresher and stronger than old blood.
  5. Blood donation does not block fatty arteries which can protect you from stroke, stroke, stroke, and heart attack.
  6. Donor skin. For a long time. You stay young and healthy.
  7. One of the benefits is the free blood test. Each bottle of blood can save four lives.
  8. The blood plasma is completed in two days, the white blood cells and platelets are finished in a few days, and the red blood cells in a few weeks because our body can produce millions of red blood cells every minute. Donations can be made in three to four months after a single blood donation.

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