S400:-India cannot buy a Russian missile defense system

Russian S400 missiles:- Chinese 3D mapping David Korn appointed CIA deputy director. The Biden administration has already warned India that if it acquires the Russian missile defense system S400, it will face sanctions under the (Katsa Agreement). We will not save any country from sanctions anymore. It is clear that India has already paid  800 million to Russia in 2019.

Delivery was due by the end of 2021. This payment will also go. India may also have to give up on the US F35F22 deal. Biden also accused David Korn. (Jewish Zionist) has been appointed Deputy Director of the CIA. During the Obama administration, when Biden was vice president, David was still deputy director. This was the mindset behind the anti-Pakistan strategy of the Obama era. It has been part of the Dow Moore team. Has been spying on Pakistani citizens in America

It also has a significant influence on the Financial Action Task Force. This servant will also play a full role in new wars. War will be imposed on Iran, bases will be demanded from Pakistan. Pakistan will not give, in any case, Pakistan will be blackmailed on this issue.

International movements will be launched

Against Pakistan Army, Agencies, Pakistan. ISIS will be launched against Pakistan and China. Just waiting for Biden to be sworn in. There was talk of buying India’s Russian defense system. If India does not buy the Russian S400 missiles, then India does not have a defense system of this level. After Pakistan’s experience of a multi-launch rocket system, it has become impossible for India to avoid missile attacks. Secret reports from the Trump administration have also been leaked.

The aim was to pit India against China

The Chinese state that the United States will be given an appropriate response in ten days. The Biden administration may even reverse some of Trump’s policies. Which will cause trouble for India. According to China, the People’s Liberation Army has completed 3D mapping of all areas along the western border. A 3D map of an area of ​​20,000 km has been prepared.

After which China can hit targets with centimeter accuracy. On the one hand, Pakistan is securing its western border, on the other hand, China. After the mapping, China may take further military action against India. India is badly stuck in a dead-end from which it is no longer possible to escape. All this credit goes to Modi, Ajit Doval, Amitasha, Bipin Rawat, Hindutva Agenda, RSS, BJP warriors who drowned themselves in the cycle of united India, drowning India too.

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